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Thinking of getting a desktop?

last year

I've been using laptops for many years. I'm in the market for a new one. Read an article in Consumer Reports about going back to desktops for the larger screen, lack of keyboard taking up the desk, and the amount of storage.

Hadn't even given a desktop a thought until reading that article. I had a HP small laptop for traveling which converted to a tablet by folding back the keyboard. I loved using it until the hinges broke after 8 months. No warranty and I was furious. So decided to look for a laptop for work at home and possibly hooking it to a larger monitor. That was until I read the article and am thinking buying a desktop, large monitor, plus a small laptop/tablet might be the way to go.

No matter which I decide it will be Dell. Have had Dell computers since the 90's and they all still work but are old. The one I'm typing on is a old Dell laptop because the HP broke.

Anyway, would appreciate feedback on why or why not to get a desktop for home vs. a laptop.



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