My favorite recipe for chocolate chip cookies has competition!

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In my quest for my favorite chocolate chip cookie, I ran across the one from David Leite. It was outstanding, so much so that I named the file on my compter with such words as vorite and Tried & True. The dough is refrigerated for 24 to 36 hours and makes giant cookies. The cookies were outstanding!

Then, another recipe crossed my desk, touted by many bakers. Oho! I had to make it! That recipe is from Tara O'Brady, and is delicious, and while it does recommend a bit of optional refrigeration of the dough the same as David Leite's recipe, it seemed much quicker to put together for me! The recipe rated another "Tried and True" notation as well as 'rivals Leite's cookie.'

What say you bakers? Have you tried either of these and if so, what are your thoughts? I didn't take photos, but follow the links and see these cookies in all their deliciousness!



David Leite's chocolate chip cookies

Tara O/Brady's chocolate chip cookies

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