HVAC stopped working but can bypass at control board

last month

Hi. Lightning struck very close to my house yesterday and my AC hasn't worked since. I think there might have been a power surge because the thermostat said "wait" on it after it happened. I've reset both sets of breakers and waited 30 minutes to turn the air back on and that did nothing. I can't even get the fan to turn on. I've also tried bypassing the thermostat with some leftover insulating wire and connected the R to the G at the thermostat and still nothing. I have multiple thermostats and none of them work. I don't know if that matters? If I go to the control panel and connect R to G, the fan turns on. I'm trying to diagnose where the problem is before I call someone out. Any ideas or anything I could check next? I don't have a multimeter. Thanks!

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