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HVAC Covered in Ice

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I moved into my house in 2021 and, unfortunately, haven't had any maintenance done to our HVAC (2015 Ruud Package Unit). I've replaced the filter monthly but that's all. It's been working fine until the past three days when I started noticing the temperature not reaching what we had it set at. It's been warm in the day. We keep it set to 70, but the thermostat has been showing it at 79, but early in the morning it will be at 70/70.
So I called an HVAC company yesterday, they arrived today and the entire unit outside is frozen, covered in ice. Because it's storming, the tech decided to turn the unit off for today, let it thaw, and come back out tomorrow. He told me it's likely a leak as our filter is clean (was just replaced two weeks ago.) He said if it's a supply coil, this is more fixable but will still cost likely around $1,000 as the Freon cost is high, but that if it's the evap coil it's essentially not fixable or would not be worth it to fix.
I just want to see if this is correct so I feel prepared tomorrow when they come back out. I'm a female alone, and I do not know much about this topic and would like to have a thorough understanding if what I'm being told is the truth before I just agree to a brand new unit or whatever they tell me. Thank you!
Editing to add that while the technician told me to keep the unit/thermostat off, I tried turning just the fan on as I read that was a quicker/better way to thaw the ice. It does not appear the fan is coming on at all. Does this mean it's died? When the man was here he stated the blower was working. I thought that meant the fan but it must not.
Editing one last time to say I just noticed that air is still coming up through the vents even though the system is off. What does this mean?!?!

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