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Remote exhaust fan & range hood recommendations?

last month


Trying to find info on my choices for a range hood that supports a remote blower as well as recommendations for the blower itself. So far have been strongly considering the BEST 1100cfm inline fan with their 10” make-up air kit plumbed into my HVAC return air supply, an inline silencer by Fantech I believe it is(?), and one of BEST’s compatible range hoods. I’m not looking go overboard with this as it’s a modest remodel, but ventilation is my one splurge for the room. I have a gas range and additionally sear meat and cook with a lot of oil regularly so I want smells minimized as much as possible in the house. Also, due to necessary routing for the exhaust ducting through the attic of my attached garage, it seems like an inline remote blower is well-suited which will encourage using the fan every time the range is used since it should theoretically not be annoyingly noisy.

My main issue is that I don’t particularly care for the aesthetic design of the range hoods that BEST offers that are compatible with a remote blower. Any suggestions on other well-designed 36” range hoods out there that support this? Also, are there other fans I should be looking at?