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HVAC condensate pump issue

last month
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Last night, I noticed that my indoor unit was running, the condensate pump had all 3 lights on, and the outdoor wasn't running. I cleaned the pump, which fixed the problem but it happened again a few hours later. I then replaced the pump - everything seemed to work fine overnight, but we were back to square one this morning.

The new pump had all 3 lights on again (maybe it was trying to push the water out but unable to do it?!), and I noticed that the reservoir is full of water. After emptying it, the outdoor unit came to life and we have cool air again.

Anyone know what the issue is? Maybe the vinyl line from the pump to outside is clogged? If so, can it be cleaned, or does it need to be replaced? I tried putting vinegar in the pump reservoir earlier, but that didn't help.

Thanks in advance!

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