Favorite Cut of Beef For Cookout?

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We had some friends over for a backyard dinner last night. SWMBO was tasked with getting the meat, and came home with sirloin steaks.

This must be my least favorite cut. I usually find sirloin lacking in flavor and texture, and easy to overcook, especially on the grill. My plan was to do as little of the cooking on the grill as possible. So I sous vided it for 3 hours at 120F with garlic, shallot, salt, wasabi, black pepper; chilled the sous vided pieces; then got the grill as hot as it would go and grilled just long enough to get grill marks, brushing with Yoshida sauce in hopes of accelerating the apparent browning. Guests liked it, I didn’t. Looked nice on the outside, colored brown with grill marks, fairly tender, but still more medium than rare, and not particularly tasty. Basically, it wanted to be doused in steak sauce, which is how most sirloin I’ve seen is served.

If you’re getting beef for a cookout, what cut do you go for? Let’s say that cost is a medium sort of factor.

John HU-xxxxxx Liu

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