help with kitchen flow and room with no windows

last month

I am in the process of planning a kitchen renovation and am looking for advice. We have a room right off of our kitchen that has no windows and is very dark. Currently, it’s a TV room for our children. It does count as a bedroom per the last appraisal we had. I am stuck at what to do with the room. Part of me thinks I should open it up and have a sitting area off the kitchen. Another part of me thinks I should redo the stairs and make them turn into the room (our current stairs are from 1928 and are very steep).

I’ve also thought about turning it into a bath/closet combo for the bedroom towards the back on my house.

Any designers/DIYers out there have any thoughts or advice? I don’t want the space to go to waste.

Attached is a SketchUp of the current layout.

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