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Help with lighting & arranging small, dark, narrow living room 1840's

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Hello! I am renting a lovely, small Italianate rowhome built in the 1840's. The house has a few strange considerations - the big one being that it is built behind a churchyard with a tall stone wall that runs directly in front of the living room window. In addition, it's also north facing so sun is limited anyway. Thirdly, there's no entryway area - just goes right into the living room from the front door. My landlord has painted the living room pale yellow to brighten it up and I decided to embrace the yellow as a personal design challenge. There is a comfortable camelback couch that I thrifted for next to nothing that will be upholstered in a mustard yellow 1" stripe. That orange ottoman will be upholstered in something complementary (I'm crafty and like a deal so this is just context for the current selection of ugly fabrics). The ceiling light fixture is my landlord's and its quirky and I'm tepid on it but it brings something modern into an old home so that's okay with me. I have an armoire for the TV but the doors open outward instead of sliding back inward like some do. My questions:

- Where should I place lighting in this room to brighten it up? Options with some historical throwback? Torchiere? Fringe lampshade? Or go modern? (I like a balance of both). I plan on putting plug-in sconces above the sofa surrounding a painting. I hve no affinity for black task lamp on the center table, just a placeholder.

- What can I put beside the TV armoire that will balance it while considering that the doors swing open and will block it when TV is on? I feel like the left side needs something but I'm not sure - maybe just wall art. The entryway accordion hanger is my solution for bags and jackets and I think that will remain there. Any ideas for shoes? Is the armoire kind of too red in stain?

- It's long, dark and narrow and I'm not sure how to place a rug in this room.

WOW lots of back story and questions. This is the most perplexing room in this house. Hope you stayed with me. I am so grateful for any insight at all. I love historical homes and learning how to embrace its quirks is such a lovely challenge for me. The pictures are choppy because its honestly too long and narrow to get a good shot. The room is 9 ft by 15 ft.

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