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Bathroom beadboard base moulding

last month

Hi all,

I am putting beadboard in the bathrooms of my 1930s home. Need help figuring out what to do for baseboard mouldings.

Shower walls: carrara marble subway tile

Floors: slate-look porcelain (

Beadboard will be MDF.

Vanity tops: super white quartz

I want to avoid having a wood or MDF moulding right on the floor as it seems likely to become water damaged. Things I am considering for baseboard: carrara marble, super white quartz, or bringing the floor tile onto the wall.

Downsides of floor tile onto the wall: (1) it would give a lot of contrast and I fear look modern, and (2) the tiles are too thick for the beadboard to sit on top of them, which is my contractor's goal so that the MDF never gets wet.

Downside of carrara: I can't find any true baseboard mouldings where the top is 3/4" or greater, which is what we need for the beadboard to sit on top of it. So we would be talking about a simple slab and I'm not sure if this would look modern.

Downside of super white quartz: the beadboard is likely to be white so, while this may blend well at first, I'm not sure how it will look over time as the two materials age differently.

Any thoughts appreciated! Thank you!

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