I bought new furniture but need help with all the accessories

Kim H
last month
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I just noticed that my intro that I wrote has disappeared. Here it is again.

I've finally replace my worn out, too big furniture with a new couch and chair. I've attached a mood board showing my the couch and the lighter colored recliner. I would like to add another chair to the room so I have seating for 4. Does the leather chair "go" with the other 2 pieces? I already own the artwork and would like to coordinate with it. I saw this rug recommended by Flo Mangan and have ordered a sample of it to see if it will work. I am still open to other suggestions to go with the furniture.

This is our everything room. We use it to watch TV, eat and entertain. It is usually just my husband and I but I would like to have seating for 4 when we have company, especially when my daughters come to hang out. I guess my style is transitional, I really just want it to feel comfortable and someplace where people feel welcome to hang out.

Colors of rug, chair and couch (Navy).

Mood board showing floors, current paint color (can be changed), couch (already purchased), recliner (lighter chair, already purchased) and current artwork. Thinking of adding the leather swivel chair.

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