Asparagus inspiration recipes, recap from previous post

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last month

Inspired by my upcoming porch party menu post, (and farm fresh asparagus) I tried two new recipes this week. The first one was inspired by Annie D's description of a bacon, tomato and asparagus grilled sandwich. I made a ham, asparagus and cheese pizza with sundried tomatoes. It was delicious except the ham was too darn salty. I only put it on half since hubs didn't want ham anyway, and the part without it was the best. I put the asparagus in a wagon wheel pattern which got lost under the cheese, and was hard to eat because the asparagus didn't always break when you bit into it. But the combo will definitely be going on my pizza topping rotation. I used canned sauce like they sell for fettuccine for the white sauce, it was also too salty. I'd be interested if anyone has any ideas for fast easy white sauce for pizza. Yes, I know I can make a home made bechamel but I'm talking even faster . . .

The second was Mtn's asparagus salad with salsa verde. That was delicious too. It has a long list of ingredients for the dressing, and I had to improvise a bit.

I thought I had anchovies and capers, but couldn't find them, so subbed dill pickle relish. I did have the green garlic which I've been growing for two years but rarely use. It was wonderful in the dish. Didn't have the scallions or the red onion I was planning on subbing, but Dad doesn't like onion anyway so I just dusted the dressing with dried shallots that I get from Penzey's Spice Company. I thought I didn't have grapefruit so just used orange, but I ended up finding a grapefruit in the back of the fridge when I went to get the orange. Saving that for next time. I also subbed carrots for the beets and then just topped it with some carefully sliced canned beets so they didn't bleed all over the salad. I ended up having to use goat cheese instead of the queso blanco I was planning on getting at the store. That wasn't the greatest sub but it was ok. The salsa verde is great, with all the fresh herbs. I used mostly dried except for the chives and green garlic, but dried fresh from my garden for the most part, other than the mustard. Here's my photo. I overcooked the asparagus so it doesn't stand out much. I also topped it with a sprinkling of sunflower seeds, nice addition. Next time I will do better. I was doing too much multitasking trying to clean off the porch during the preparation too. Whew, glad that is done!! Photo shows off my vintage geranium leaf plates . . .

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