Wonderful New Products, Let's Share!

5 days ago

I've discovered two amazing products recently, so thought I'd share:

My daughter gave me an Aura Frame for Christmas. I procrastinated setting it up, but finally did a few weeks ago. And, wow, wow, wow! It is essentially a digital frame that works on WIFI, so anybody with the password can add photos. My daughter recently traveled to the other side of the country and shared a few photos with us this way, and it was terrific. Sharing a photo is the exact same action as sharing a photo via text, except instead of selecting the text icon, you select the Aura icon. It can hold up to 10,000 photos. So far, I've put just over 1,000 photos on it. The frame is offered in a few different looks, all very modern, roughly 8x10, (mine is the Carver), so it looks nice in a variety of settings. Here's the very best part -every day is suddenly a trip down memory lane! A photo of my daughter learning to water ski pops us, followed by a photo of my son scaling a boulder in Colorado, followed by a photo of my mom and me... This gift gives me more enjoyment than anything I've ever received. I only wish I had known about it and purchased one for my mom. She'd have loved it. Aura Frame

My second discovery is this floor cleaner. Our glossy Brazilian Cherry floors are particularly difficult to keep looking nice. While BONA works miracles for others, it never did for us. Over the years, I've done deep dives and used everything that sounded promising. Finally, I've found a product that cleans and doesn't leave ANY residue. I discovered it when browsing wood floor sites and blogs. One reviewer mentioned, "I did my research and have only used this product on my floors..." I was surprised because despite all my deep dives, I had never come across this one. But I ordered it a few weeks ago, and it's been nothing short of amazing. The product is called Squeaky Hardwood Floor Cleaner and it's readily available from the giant shopping site named after a river. I've tried to post this link twice using a direct link to it, but my post keeps getting deleted, so I'm guessing that's the issue.

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