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Is a 36" Round Mirror over Bathroom Vanity Too Big?

2 years ago
last modified: 2 years ago

I love the look of a big round mirror over a bathroom vanity. We have a 60" wide vanity. It is 36" high and we have 8' ceilings. I created two drawing, one with a 36" round mirror and one with a 30" round mirror, I feel like the 30" round mirror looks too skimpy. However I'm concerned that the 36" mirror will be too close to the faucet and may eventually get ruined from splashing water. I'm also concerned that if I raise it up too close to the light that I will have too much light reflecting or that it will look awkward because I think it would look best centered between the light and the faucet. The light can be moved up or down as needed. In the drawing, the center of the light is 82" above the floor because that's the default for the program that I'm using. I could move it higher (84"?) but how high is too high? Any other thoughts or advice? Here's the mirror that I'm planning to order. I can get it beveled or with a smooth edge. Better Bevel 36" x 36" Frameless Round Mirror | 1" Beveled Edge | Bathroom Wall Mirror: Home & Kitchen

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