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bathroom vanity pendant vs over the mirror lighting dilemma

4 years ago

We're building a house and had our master bathroom vanity lighting all picked out. It's a double sink and we were going to do sconces on either side of the two mirrors (3 of them total). We've been told this is the best kind of lighting to have in the bathroom. Our electrician says we won't be able to fit the mirrors and sconces.. it will be too tight. So I'm back to the drawing board. I can't find any over the mirror lighting that I like. I've seen some pendant lights that hang from the ceiling close to the mirrors that look nice but my husband thinks the lighting will cast shadows. Our vanity is 77 inches wide. It will be rift sawn oak in a natural finish. The first picture is the sconce that I liked and the second is an example of a pendant hanging over the mirror. Husband and I both like a frosted glass so the light isn't glaring. I'd even consider a more modern round orb shape.

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