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NuCore Performance Luxury Vinyl Flooring Review

last year
last modified: last year

I decided on this vinyl floor despite the lack of reviews, and thought I'd post info here. I've only had it for a week so far, but its great. When I got a sample, I dragged chairs across it, dropped hammers and pots on it, no damage. During install, my refrigerator and extremely heavy desk were sitting on parts of the floor for hours and no dents or scratches. No complaints so far. I have agreeable gray walls in a few rooms, and a beige/sand dollar paint in some others. Also painted my bathroom blue, and included pictures of the NuCore Whistling Hills with those colors for reference.

If there's no updates to this, flooring is still great, but I will still try to update. If anything goes wrong, I will post back here.


Agreeable gray wall

Beige/sand dollar wall (haven't painted door trim/doors white yet to match trim)

Color of floor is lighter than what the pictures show, and is more light gray overall

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