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Beach House Flooring - Luxury Vinyl Tile & Sunlight or Other Options?

Terry Royce
6 years ago
last modified: 6 years ago

We are putting down new floors at our beach house.

We do not want to put down tile, it is just too hard.

I would love to put down wood, but every flooring store I have talked to has said the humidity and sand will kill it, along with renters coming in with wet swimming trunks and towels, and leaving them on the floor.

All of the flooring stores are recommending luxury vinyl tile, but our house gets a good bit of direct sunlight in the area where we will be installing the floor (living room, kitchen, & dining room). There is an unheated garage beneath the space.

From the reviews I've read it seems some brands are super susceptible to sunlight, and others not so much.

CoreTech seems to be the biggest brand.

Modelou seems to have ok reviews.

Mannington appears to have had warping issues in the past, I'm not sure if this has been resolved, but I haven't read anything recently regarding the warping.

Armstrong seems to have some solid reviews, but not a ton.

EZ Lay also appears to have good reviews, but I can't find a lot of reviews.

What are your thoughts?

Are there other flooring options I should be considering?

Is there a wood that could be more stable and durable that we are not considering?

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