Detached Workshop - Open Rafters or Finished Ceiling?

6 months ago
last modified: 6 months ago

We're planning to build a new home and in addition to the attached garage, I'm going to get a nice little detached shop - about 2-car sized. The neighborhood does not allow metal shop buildings - has to match exterior finish etc of home so it will be standard wood construction with stucco, rock finish. A little more expensive but will look nice.

I'm going to have the shop insulated and as a general rule the contractor will put textured drywall up on the walls and ceiling with blown-in insulation in the attic. I'll have the contractor leave a 220V j-box on the outside and I'll put in a split mini later myself (he wanted $4k for a split mini which I thought way too much). I don't care about heat but I do care about air conditioning in the summer!

I'm leaning towards having the roof foam insulated and leaving the ceiling drywall off altogether. Just the walls will be finished. I'll end up w/ some access to store long objects up there like bike frames, sheets of wood, etc...

I might have him still install a pull-down ladder for convenience.

My current shop did this but it's a gabled roof and I'll have a hip roof on the new shop. In my current shop I put up batting in the roof rafters followed by sheets of aluminum clad foam (keeps things fairly bright).


Here's the floorplan and some shots of my current shop that I'll be moving out of... If you squint you can make out the roof lines for the hip roof. (the 'lofts' are merely large/deep storage shelves I'll hang around the edges, 6" concrete is for a future lift mount points)

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