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Change joist side of rafter?

16 years ago

I am puting a skylight in an open rafter garage roof. the garage is about 24' by 13'. There's about 12 rafters (2x4s) that span the width (13').

I was wondering if there is any reason why I can't cut out a ceiling joist and put it on the other side of the rafter. This will improve the appearance and ease of finishing the well of the skylight opening when I box it in. The ceiling joist spacing spacing is 24" and this would throw out the spacing. I can work around this but am more concerned about any actual structural issues.

I'd be puting in a new ceiling joist on the opposite side of the rafter (it's a joist in the middle of the garage). Securing it and after that cutting out the joist on the other side of the same rafter.

I can't see this as being an issue but have long ago learned in my do-it-yourself experiences that it's better not to assume too much.


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