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Please help with my bathroom remodel starting this week-thanks so much

Carly DeLucia
2 years ago

We just moved into a dated mid century home in Columbus, OH. It is all original 1960s :)

First project- gutting the guest bathroom this week.

1. If I have a 76 inch wall that the original vanity is on- and I want to keep the vanity on that wall- what size vanity do I put on that wall- the current one is the entire length of the wall. I know the larger the more expensive too...I love the Ikea Godmorgan floating vanity.

2. Debating between all can lights or can lights in shower and wall sconses in next to mirror over vanity- I'm super minimal so the wall sconses are a little out of my comfort zone- thoughts?

I have attached picture of current dated bathroom- and some inspiration pics ( I love minimalist- contemporary- straight lines)

Any ideas or suggestions I will gladly welcome!!! Thanks so much in advance!!



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thx again for your time!!

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