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Remodel Bathroom and Closet right-size dilemma

3 years ago
last modified: 3 years ago

We started to remodel the primary bathroom, got down to the studs and are now considering our options. I would appreciate advice about where to place the wall between the closet and bathroom. How big should the closet be? Is a walk in the right choice?

This is approximately a 10' X 17'' space. (10'4" X 17' 02" stud to stud)

I've attached a layout of the current bathroom and 2 options to resize the closet.

This assumes a 9' 4" X 7' wide walk in closet. The bathroom would be about 9'4" X 9'8".

Our thinking so far:

Originally, we thought we would go with option 1 and move the closet wall to line up with skylight, then change the bathroom doorway. Cutting off the skylight in 1/2 with a wall may be too weird once you start imagining it.

Option 2 is flipping the closet and bathroom. Two pocket doors: one into the closet and one into the bathroom. While not in the budget right now, I would reduce or eliminate the current bathroom window in the future. Potentially in scope now would be putting window(s) where the current vanity is. That faces a wooded backyard.

I have gone ahead and added the bedroom layout image too for context. There is an office space opposite the bathroom that could be a walk in closet, but I would miss the office space.

Ultimately, we will need advice on bathroom layout and have included it below.

What we hated about the old bathroom layout

- Tiny shower

- Have to walk all the way through the bathroom to get to the closet

- Circa 1980s closet design with open wire shelving

- Jacuzzi tub with surround, aka the "toe breaker". I used the tub twice in the 20 years because the jets shot out moldy water, yuck. Difficult to keep that area clean.

- 9' vanity countertop was too long and the cabinets didn't store much. I never used the middle makeup desk.

- The toilet had the only window view.

What we want

- Better closet and assumed walk in, but open to other ideas. I have lived with this one for so long, I don't even know what size to aim for.

- Right size the bathroom and the things in it. What I mean is the

-- The right sized shower with bench. While I know my current shower is too small and we are leaning towards a double shower, I am having trouble deciding what the right size is.

-- A vanity with 6'+ countertop length and 2 sinks, though open to separating the sinks on individual vanities.

-- Better storage for bathroom items like toilet paper, medicine, etc.

-- Tub optional, we have recently remodeled the other bathroom and I really like the tub (Kohler curved bathtub).


- We have pulled up the flooring and don't have a lot of plumbing or venting constraints.

- Window is 3' X 6', so no storage possible below it.

- There is a skylight (noted as a dotted line). There is a divider built into it.

- The master bedroom door is placed so you cannot just add a door to the existing closet. Further, there is another closet opposite just as you enter the bedroom. This utilizes space above stairs and for that reason is boxed in from floor to waist height. It is too deep to be super useful, though it is full right now!

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