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Never a Borrower nor a Lender be . . .

3 years ago

Several RP'ers have mentioned lending books to friends and I wonder if you have had cause to regret doing so?

I have been happy to lend books but on some occasions it hasn't proved a wise move as they have never been returned. Sometimes I have forgotten who has borrowed them so therefore I regard it as 'my fault' but once a friend asked most insistently if her small daughter could 'borrow' a book/s belonging to my daughter. These were part of a set of children's stories (The Worst Witch) made into a popular TV show.

After several weeks if not months I asked for the return of the books but . . . nothing doing. When I next brought the subject up 'friend' said they were only paperbacks so it didn't matter!

These days I am far more likely to give books away or pass them on to charity shops.

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