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October 2020, Week 1

3 years ago

With a heavy heart, I post this. Knowing that Dawn won't be commenting on it either, is very sad.

I do hope that we can keep things going, because most of the forums are mostly dead. The Oklahoma forum has remained fairly vibrant, probably due to Dawn's tireless efforts.

I can't imagine anyone will fill her shoes with her wide umbrella of knowledge in many areas. I can't even give the weather as well as she did ;) However, in my lame attempt, it will remain terribly dry in my neck of the woods, with a couple of days of highs in the mid 80s. After being in the 60s for a week, I hate to set the AC back to cool, but hopefully it will be the last of it.

Going from her cue last week, I'm thinking that we're about out of seed starting attempts for winter hardy crops. It should still be early enough to transplant in cole crops, hardy flowers (snaps and pansies come to mind), and probably still time for fast maturing crops, like lettuce, radishes, and mustard. I'm no expert on the edible garden, but I still remember some of it, and I hope I am telling you no lies. It's an excellent time to plant potted perennials for the next month or so (potted flowering plants of most types, trees, shrubs), the only concern being keeping them watered till Mother Nature decides to do her part. Unless you're tired of them, peppers of most types are probably rebounding with the cooler weather and setting an abundant fall crop. Sometimes tomatos that haven't succumbed to blight issues will do the same on a smaller scale. The typical okra thinks it's too late and might as well be pulled, however, I understand that the one from Mac that starts bearing late (which I haven't grown) may still be productive till near frost. This has been your farmer's almanac report for the first week of October.

Those of you that are planning on going to the funeral or the reception, be careful while doing so. Covid-19 is sure not done and it's not the time to take risks.

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