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October 2020, Week 2

3 years ago
last modified: 3 years ago

It seems like it has to be October week 54! I was up at midnight, so decided to jump on posting so I don't forget later.

It's SO dry, I'm going to have to start watering the 30 foot sweet bay magnolia (haven't watered it in 4 years) by running the hose for hours and soaking. No flowers last more than a day due to low relative humidity and drying winds. No rainfall in forecast till the 27th :( And it has warmed back up since last week's posting, and I'm back in running AC after having about a week and a half of having windows open and AC turned off.

I anxiously await the rain so that I can continue planting all the seeds I started this spring of perennials as well as things that I ordered. The ground is so hard and the conditions so unforgiving that I think things are safer in pots till rains begin or things go dormant or something. I'm actually looking forward to winter to stop the watering.

Plant wise, I have a few asters, turks cap mallow, a florida native yellow with black centers coreopsis, and american beauty berry still going. Most other things are kinda fitful, the lantanas are winding down, the salvia greggii flowers dry out every not much show there,

In the pot jungle, I do have my georgia savory which even though it's only a gallon size, typically has at least 4 bumblebees on it at all times. A blue sky vine (thunbergia alata) that is coming into it's fall/winter bloom, even though the flowers get dried out within the first day :(. My tomatillos continue to produce, but something eats on them (I'm thinking rats or squirrels) just before I would pick them. They only ruin them and take bites out of the fruit..don't eat whole thing. I have a few hot peppers and basil still doing their thing.

The forecast I'm seeing is slightly warmer and drier all winter. If we don't get some rain soon, things are gonna be really bad. I have a feeling, that from what we've seen so far this year, things will be unsettled and variable. In some ways it's nice to have variety, but it's a bit unpleasant to have to watch the weather to figure out how to dress tomorrow. Shorts one day, winter coats the next, etc.

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