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Marching right along

2 months ago

Garden season will be in full swing by the end of the month for most of us. I am daring to start early and if things die it will be okay too. What is everyone doing now?

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  • 2 months ago

    Here’s pictures of the soil I’m sifting after and the garbage

  • 2 months ago

    Wow, Kim. That looks much better.

    How's the car situation?

    I'm nearly numb, I'm so tired. It's been a whirlwind. But, it's all (or mostly all) good stuff. Super happy to be off work tomorrow to get little nagging projects done and hopefully finish the first set off closet doors. I bought really good paint especially for trim and doors and it's still taking 3 coats. And that makes the project drag on. Two more sets of doors to do. These are bi-fold doors. Not fun to paint. Tom won't install them until after the carpet is installed.

    We had our bedroom floors measured for carpet today. Luckily I wasn't here for that. Tom handled it. Waiting on the estimate.

    Did some watering in the hoop house, but that's all in the garden.

    Most all of the varieties of tomatoes are showing up except the two dwarf varieties and Matt's Wild Cherry and maybe one other. The heirlooms are popping up, Sungold and a white cherry.

    Peppers aren't up yet at all.

    Most of the flowers except nasturtium. I might tuck a few seeds into the Greenstalk tomorrow...and up-pot a few of the flowers in between tidying up and painting the closet doors.

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    Sorry to hear that everyone is having so many problems with the temperatures. It snowed here yesterday and the winds are cold and biting. My hostas are still below ground but the daylilies are bravely sending up more and more shoots each day. Most of them are 4-6 inches above ground but I think that the cold doesn't hit them as hard as it does the hostas with their leaves that are more susceptible to frost.
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  • 2 months ago

    My peppers are not up yet either. I hope I have not cooked my peppers. I was hoping to hurry them up by placing them on my top light shelf, that shelf has 6 bulbs below and 6 bulb above, and the the clear dome on the flat. I have not checked the heat, but its high.

    This is a yellow year for me. I am trying to use up some old seeds, and being that I don't care much for yellow tomatoes, those are always the ones I put back. I have one named Dwarf Sweet Sue that I have never heard of that seems to be doing well. The yellow pear is the first one up, and I guess doing the best. My Sunsugar is slow to get going also. I am also starting Black Krim and Cherokee Purple which I am not wild about, but they seem to grow well. I think that I like fried green tomatoes about as well as I like any, and the Black cherry is my least favorite.

  • 2 months ago

    Larry, is Dwarf Sweet Sue a cherry type of tomato? If you want to share any of those yellows, I would like to try them. If you're able to come to SF. I've always done SunGold, but never Sunsugar. Does it split as badly as SunGold after a rain? I favor the yellow tomato taste really. The only black tomato I really enjoy is the Black Brandywine. Oh, and I do like black cherry types, not as well as SunGold, tho. I did see that two of my Austin's Black cherries came up this morning. As far as tomatoes go, I'm just waiting on Golden Gypsy Dwarf and Hardin's Miniature. Those both came from Jen several years ago, so it is older seed. Same with the Matt's Wild Cherry. I can always buy a red cherry tomato, tho. I like Sweet 100 just fine and those are usually readily available to purchase at Lowes, etc.

    Rick and I tried a chocolate cherry last year and it was gross, but we may have picked them at the wrong color. I'm not sure.

    I got my tasks done this morning, so was able to up-pot the sunflowers. Obviously they won't be planted outside until the same time as the tomatoes. I have 3 different varieties of them and can't remember their names right off the top of my head. One is rust colored.

  • 2 months ago

    Jennifer, yes the Sunsugar splits also, but maybe not as bad as the Sungold. The best cherry that I grow that does not split really bad is one that is just labeled Large Cherry. The seeds are cheap for the large cherry, and they grow like crazy, so I try to have 2 or 3 plants, and very seldom pick them as long as the other cherries are producing.

    I am planning on coming to spring fling, I have even invited my daughter and her boyfriend, they are true Okies, we live about 12 miles apart, I have lived in Arkansas for over 80 years, but my daughter moved to Oklahoma over 30 years ago, but we have never lived over 20 or 30 miles apart.

    I will be happy to share any of my plants, but will be in short supply with some because I am sorta doing a clean up. Nancy sent me a large supply of seeds a few years ago, and I am trying to use them up before they go bad.

    I am up potting plants today. I will up pot 144 plants today, and I plan on placing more seeds under the lights tonight.

  • 2 months ago

    Larry, you don't have to bring anything to share. It would just be great to meet you...and your family too.

    I probably won't have much either. Maybe some of the heirloom tomatoes. I'm only keeping two of each variety. But, I didn't start many.

    The Craig's Grande jalapeno have a couple of sprouts--I just looked at my seed tray. I saved seed from 2 different peppers and it's those 2 that have sprouted. Not the older purchased seed that I also started.

    Anyway, and I'll have some horseradish. that's it for now. Maybe some comfrey. The original plant came from Dawn.

  • 2 months ago

    Jennifer, I expect I will have plants to share, I just don't know how many. All my plants are small, they don't even have any true leaves yet. I started my seeds in 105 count trays, I dont see as well as I would like, and got too many seeds in some of those small cells, and I needed to get them in larger containers. I have a little time to mess with the plants now, and may not later. I am pretty busy trying to get some of my junk repaired.

  • 2 months ago

    All is right with the world today. My car is fixed I was able to go to work. My seeds are on the way. And my little granddaughter came and watered everything for granny. And loved every second of it. I have lots of stuff planted that I am hopefully going to be able to share as soon as they get true leaves I will pop up into large containers

  • 2 months ago

    I have been wondering about these plants that I planted in the compost. They seem stalled. I started using fish emulsion and it seems to help but I dont want to use that constantly. Especially on my spinach. I am considering pulling them up and refreshing to soil to replant.

  • 2 months ago

    Kim, grand daughters can be a handy thing to have. My Face book is out, and it looks like I will have to call grand daughter to get me going. I hate to bother her, I feel that she does not have time to take care of my problems. She bought a home a few months ago, and got elected to President of the HOA, and is getting married this month, and she is very busy with her job. I just feel that she has too many irons in the fire.

    I use potting soil to start my seeds in, and some times I mix a little MG in the water when my plants look like they need it. I have a problem getting some seeds up in a timely manor. I have a lot of old seeds and they sometimes get lazy or dead. I seldom have a 100% germination on anything.

  • 2 months ago

    Larry, yesterday Facebook and related social media were down for a couple of hours. You will probably have to log in again. While it was down it wouldn't accept my email and password.

    Kim, I'm glad you're mobile again.

    Can't stay husband wants me to help him.

  • 2 months ago

    Thanks, Amy, My face book is asking me to log in again, and I don't remember my pass work. I have tried the pass words that I use to use, and could not get any of them to work.

    I am sitting here resting, and talking to Madge about how to take care of each other. We both think that the other one does too much. Madge called out my gardening as one area where do too much. We talk each year about 12 tomato plants is all we need. Madge ask me how many plant I have, I told her "over 12". I seeded 11 different kinds of tomatoes last night, and at least a dozen of each kind. I have a tray set up to start peppers, I have 2 trays under the light that don't even have a sprout in them.

    I have got to try to sprout some sweet potatoes, I seem to always run behind on everything.

  • 2 months ago

    Larry, it never seems like you're behind. Your garden and plants always look so good.

    It's weird that the FB thing didn't affect me. Not yet anyways.

    I'm going to leave work just a little early. We got the carpet estimate back and need to go to the store so I can look at the carpet just to make sure I like it. Tom chose it. And give them a go ahead.

    Maybe it will be done next week. I'm such a dork. I wasted all day yesterday painting the back side of the closet doors. That side will never show. When the doors are folded in, they won't show. When they're closed, they won't show. The perfectionist side of me does think they should be painted, but it's not worth it at this point. Later, if for some reason it bothers me, I'll paint them.

    I ordered St. John's wort and butterfly pea seeds. Trying to get a tea garden going.

    Super happy to be almost done with the inside of the house so we can move on to other things. Like cleaning up the outside, the shop and GARDENING!

    If it rains during spring break, I'll work from ceiling to floor. If it's pretty weather, I'll be outside the entire week.

    I have a project of trying to squeeze in a little freezer that we have in the shop, into the utility room. It won't be easy, but I think I can make it work. That's another project.

    If you plant nasturtium, when do you start it outside? Anyone? I think it would be pretty in the Greenstalk.

  • 2 months ago

    Amy I am so glad to be mobile again to. Missing a day of work really aggravated me. Jennifer I planted my nasturtium outside two weeks ago. I had old seed and decided to just go for it. Actually my granddaughter planted it and I’m not sure exactly where so I have to be careful And watch for it. My lettuce is finally coming up pretty nice and my bib lettuce is sprouting also. I planted it with my spinach and it looks great. I’m expecting strawberries soon I hope. I ordered from a very busy gardener and don’t have a notification of shipping. Larry I got locked out of my Facebook too and couldn’t remember my password. I got it right on the second or third try but I didn’t want to try too many times and completely locked myself out. I understand the need for passwords and usernames and all that but they get a little aggravating. And it seems like you’re right on track with your sowing and direct sowing and seed starting mass. I feel like I’m a little ahead of the game but considering I’m quite a bit further south I guess I should be. I used to use Dawn as a guide when I lived in the panhandle whatever she was doing I would do two weeks later and it was perfect timing every year.

  • 2 months ago

    Jennifer, thanks for the kind words. I am always told that I over do things. Its just the way people are put together. Madge is always asking me why do build thing to last a 100 years, when both of us will be gone long before that. One of the problems I have is building things so close that by the time you paint if it no longer fits properly. I have to force myself to put spacer in areas to allow for paint thickness.

    Here is one of my projects for today. The sweet potatoes in the flats are Covington, the ones covered are year before last crop, the ones uncovered are harvested last October. The sweet potatoes in the small pot are purple sweet potatoes, I don't care much for them, but grand daughter does. The sweet potatoes in the rubber feed pan are Red Wine Velvet, they taste better than any of the sweet potatoes I have grown, but I cant get them to keep very long. I just don't have a place to cure, and keep them well.

  • 2 months ago

    Looks good, Larry. We walked Josi after ordering the carpet.

    I wish I would have enjoyed the outdoors more. BUT, someone had sprayed something chemically AND the Bradford pears really stink right now AND someone was jamming to "every girl crazy 'bout a sharp dressed man" LOUDLY during our walk.

  • 2 months ago

    We went ahead and sunk some cabbage today. They are still tender and with some storms coming, I covered em the quick way tonight with solo cups. Figured I'd spare them from a rain beating and 30 mph winds right off the bat. Prob should have poked some breather holes, but will worry about that tomorrow if I can get to them.

    Outside of that, we sowed pea & beet seeds. Fairly productive day and still have a ton to do.

    We need the rain that's supposed to be on the way. The soil was like summer time out there. Definitely not the usual spring time moisture. Soil temps running way high for the time of year.

  • 2 months ago

    Jennifer, I had to google the song you mentioned. I can see why someone would want to jam with that. I cant hear well enough to understand the words, but I like the beat. I am old now, but I can remember the fast natured songs could could flip my switch. Daughter and boyfriend were over a few weeks ago, an she ask if we would keep her yorkie while she took boyfriend to a concert, I think in Tulsa. Anyway I ask who they were going to see, and she said the "Eagles". I said they must be the Bald Eagles by now. I remember having a tape that had "Life In The Fast Lane" on it, when headed for work I would put that tape in the tape player, and about the time I hit the bypass going around Ft. Smith that song would start playing, you just cant drive the speed limit with a song like that playing, it makes you want to wind that engine up.

    I am sorry you did not enjoy you walk, but that song would have made me want to dance a jig around the block, but the only time I dance a jig is when I roll out of bed each morning and head for the bathroom.

  • 2 months ago

    Larry you are too funny

  • 2 months ago

    I was just thinking a while back somebody mentioned large red cherry. When I got my seeds the very first time at Dol General on clearance there was a package of large red cherry. They ended up being the best seller at my market people came back over and over again because they loved the taste of it. I don’t eat tomatoes so I don’t have a clue what it tasted like. When I grew tomatoes snow white, black cherry. Chocolate cherry. Large red cherry and a golden one were mandatory. I tried the pear yellow and red and never got those to Market. They always split. I really do miss growing all sorts of different kinds of tomatoes and trying new varieties and what not but it’s just not feasible here. I have to focus on what I can actually eat and can . And that is what my garden will have this year food culinary herbs and flowers medicinal herbs and flowers. I seriously hope I can grow the Arnica. It is the best pain relief cream that I have ever used in my life. I need to do a little studying to see if I put it in oil or glycerin to extract the herb. But I haven’t even got to see yet so I still have time.

  • 2 months ago

    Josh, I am hoping to put my cabbages in this next week. (I think) I have an idea to protect them from bugs, wind, hail and others things too. We'll see how it works. These plants look great right now and it's time for them to go in. What varieties did you plant? I just did Copenhagen because it's the seed I had on hand.

    Let us know how yours did with the solo cups.

    Speaking of loud songs and solo cups....there was a guy really enjoying Red Solo Cup driving around Moore the other day. Tom and I were cracking up.

    OO...the arnica sounds interesting, Kim. Are you making a salve with it? If so, oil would probably work just fine. I have made tinctures with glycerin if you're going to take it orally. Tinctures don't have as long of a shelf life with glycerin, but if you want to avoid alcohol, it's the way to it tastes a lot better than a alcoholic tincture. It's sweet.

    I need a red cherry for my garden this year, Kim. The Matt's Wild Cherry didn't germinate. Maybe it still will, but I would think it would be up by now. The Hardins miniature did pop up finally. Only the Matt's Wild Cherry and Golden Gypsy Dwarf did not.

    I'll probably just buy a red cherry unless someone has them at SF.

    I have black, white, and yellow covered.

    Larry, you make me laugh. It's an upbeat song for sure. My walk was mostly annoying because of the chemical smell combined with the Bradford pear smell. The song just kept it from being a "peaceful" walk. Yeah....I'm not sure what the song is about--just that "girls come running" for a sharp dressed man? lol

    Being an 80's kid, I had my nose stuck to MTV....and can say that ZZ Top had a series of videos to their songs that had a common theme. It went like this: some poor soul working a thankless, working class type of job was being picked on and pushed around. There was a love interest in the background of the video/story. Then, the fancy ZZ Top car pulls up and 3 hotties get out of the car and find that poor soul and gives them a makeover and throws the keys to the car to the made-over person and they walk into their place of employment and WOW everyone while that person, the love interest, and the 3 hotties are all sorta dancing around. The End.

    And it's time for me to get some work done now.

  • 2 months ago

    Large red cherry is on my always list. It is so productive, tastes good and easier to harvest than a smaller cherry. I'm with Dawn on not having to pick dozens of tiny tomatoes. I have to do black cherry for my daughter. I have grown chocolate cherry, but no memory of it. Either it didn't produce or didn't stand out taste-wise. I can never figure out when a yellow fruit is ripe.

    Only got 1/3" of rain this morning despite thunder. Electricity was out at kids apartment complex for a bit.

    My brother moved back to OKC so we are re-adjusting to our version of normal.

    Oh, per last week's thread. I LIKE Chryslers. Of course mine were decades ago. My first car was a 1960 pink Rambler station wagon. Half of you never even heard of a Rambler. Next was a Plymouth (Chrysler) scamp. I went from a 4 cylinder Rambler to a V8. We had a few more until my Chrysler minivan that was the nicest vehicle I'd ever had.


  • 2 months ago

    Hey Jen, we planted half copenhagen & a red cabbage called salad delight (Burpee). The solo cups did what they were supposed to do I guess. We buried the wide end about 1/3 of the cup height.

    We took them off this morning, but i'll prob put em back on sometime today. Weather doesn't seem to be too bad right now, but are we getting more?

    And I can't pick up one of those cups without singing the "red-so-lo cup..." line like TK. Don't think i'll ever be able to shake that.

  • 2 months ago

    The best car I have owned for the money was a Plymouth. I bought a 1955 or 56 Plymouth for $35.00, the engine knocked like a thrashing machine. I have an uncle that is about 5 years older than I am, and we worked on some projects together. We bought a wrecked Plymouth for $20.00, he took the transmission to put in a 1937 or 38 ford pickup rod he was building, and I took the engine to go my car, when we got through, both rigs ran like scalded dogs.

    I am not sure what all I have planted, but I have plenty more large red cherry, roma, Golden Jubilee, and Beef Steak. I plan on starting a flat of those and a flat of peppers today. I have at least an once of Jalapeno M, and at least 2 packs of a smaller jalapeno. The small one produces a LOT of peppers on a small plant, but they are hot. I also have hot and mild banana. I have a few kinds of bells but I don't pay much attention. I grow the bell to put a smile on Madge and my daughter. Come to think of it, I have some habanero pepper seeds also. I will start extra of all of these. I am running later than I would like, but I hope I can have some ready by May 4. Let me know if any of you want any of this junk I am planting.

  • 2 months ago
    last modified: 2 months ago

    Speaking of peppers, I was thinking of a variety I planted a couple of years ago. Burpee hot, that plant was prolific. The peppers are about like a cayenne on heat level, maybe hotter, but a different flavor. I still have tons in the freezer.

    A guy that did some paver work for us was eating a taco at lunch while I was breaking up a carrot bed. He brought seeds from a pepper in one of his tacos that we planted. That one ended up making a really tasty hot pepper. I forget what it was. Red, similar to a cayenne but a little smaller. Found it: It was an Arbol pepper.

  • 2 months ago

    Larry if you bring it they will take it

  • 2 months ago

    Its raining. I checked the rain gauge and it was over 3".. I knew that wasnt right so I assume my grand daughter filled it up : )

    Dumped it out and checked it just now it had 1" !!!

    Ive got my buckets etc collecting rain for me.

    I got my seeds in so I will start them as soon as I get fresh soil. I dont want to mess up these seeds.

  • 2 months ago

    It has rained here also, Madge said we were to get 2", I don't thank we have got that much. Yesterday when Madge told me that we were to get rain I went out and seeded a row of turnips, and tossed some 32-0-0 on my onions, and watered it in. I wish I had started fooling with onions earlier in life, there are so many kinds to grow, and the ones I have planted have done well. When I was younger I was not man enough to eat onions.

  • 2 months ago

    Larry we learn as we age. I like all the onions except old spicy ones. I should’ve planned the rest of my onions yesterday before this rain started. I really don’t even know what I did yesterday. Sometimes I come home from work and just kind of wander from thing to thing and don’t get anything accomplished. It’s supposed to rain here through tomorrow. It looks like my tomatoes already grew another inch.

  • 2 months ago

    Jennifer do you get spring break?

  • 2 months ago

    I do get spring break with my part-time private school job, although, my "main" job does not. I will take a couple of vacation days and work only one day that week. Looking forward to it.

    We haven't gotten any rain. That's too bad.

  • 2 months ago

    Oh that’s good. I have off but so many things going on and I just wanted to stay home all week.

  • 2 months ago

    We got a trace of rain. That was all this round.

    What's everyone planning on doing this weekend?

  • 2 months ago

    I have the whole day tomorrow and I haven’t even really thought about what I want to do besides get the rest of my onions in somewhere. I need to sift the rest of that bag compost and make some more soil.

  • 2 months ago

    Kim, maybe we learn as we age, but in my case, it think by brain started leaking, I can't seem to find or remember all that stuff I learned

    Jennifer, I thought of you when we went to Walmart this morning. I have to go to the seed racks anywhere I go, and I saw a pack of Honeycomb, it looked somewhat like a Sungold, I even went back the second time to try to read about it, but the print was too small. Madge was proud of me, I resisted buying them, but I did buy some Early Treat ( I am out of 4th of July and Early Girl seed and have not found any). The Early Treat shows to be a 49 DTM.

    I also bought some ginger off the vegetable rack, its old and may not sprout. I also check their green onions, mine look a lot better.

  • 2 months ago

    I need to weedeat this weekend. The grass isn't bad, but the henbit and dead nettle around the fences is getting high. And we have a load of cardboard to take to the recycling.

    I've had to repot a few tomatoes already, but my peppers are less than stellar right now. I think I have 2 out of 20 that have sprouted a single seed. I always have poor luck with peppers. And I think I'll start a few herbs. Basil for sure, possibly feverfew and toothache plant. Though it seems like those take forever to start blooming. And I have a bowl full of flower seeds to plant, hope enough take off to fill the big circle bed.

    HJ, I may have some red cherry tomatoes at SF. I'll let you know closer to then if they survived my tender up potting.

    Larry, I'm the same way. I can't help walking through the seed racks, even though I really don't need any at the moment. But "just in case" I have to check.

    Kim, I have a theory that a lot of the garden supply issues is due to lockdown. Everyone got into gardening in 2020 and the demand was so much higher. Then 2021 & 2022 stayed high, so producers began cutting corners to have a bigger supply. I suspect that's why so many people had issues with herbicide carryover last year; there's been such a demand for compost and potting mix that the makers didn't take as much care and got contaminated ingredients. It would also explain the whole "peppergate" fiasco everyone was having. If I'm right, I expect another couple years before things settle down to the new level of demand and suppliers figure out how to meet it.

    My ginger is looking rough, I think it's time to pot it up and move outside. It was a little piece from Aldi that started growing, so I put it in a pot and stuck it with my houseplants. It's gone this long, so I'm hopeful it'll keep growing.

  • 2 months ago
    last modified: 2 months ago

    I need to start some kind of herb. I did plant 2 kinds of basil seeds in one of my flats, I have grown them a couple of times before, but It seemed that no one wanted them, I have a plain green one and a very dark ruby one that I think is pretty.

    I started more tomatoes today, and plan on starting more. I also looked at lights while we were at Walmart, I don't have enough shelf space for every thing I have started..

    I don't think that I have a single pepper sprouted yet. I have a problem with peppers every year, I often have to use a heat mat, but they grow better in the hot weather, and I wind up with a good harvest anyway.

    I just checked my basil I planted two days ago, and it is coming up.

  • 2 months ago

    I bought some strawberries plants at Walmart. I had ordered some but they didn’t come in. I will plant tomorrow in my asparagus pot

  • 2 months ago

    Today’s high is only going to be 57 supposedly. Originally the forecast for today was 75. It didn’t get as cold last night as what they said it was going to but I did bring my tray of tomatoes in just in case. My goals this week or to finish planting seeds and filling as many pots as I can. And tidying up the work area.

  • 2 months ago

    I need to do a lot of tiding up my work area also. It has been rainy a lot of the past week and I have been working in our center bedroom, and on the kitchen cabinets, I potting soil and seed packets scattered everywhere, most women would have killed me by now.

    I have messed up a lot of my plants also. I like to stick tags into the potting trays, this year some of them were just places on top of the tray. While moving some trays the tags slid off, last night I got 2 flats straightened out.

    Jennifer, I think that you showed interest in some of my plants, if you will tell me what you want , I will pick out some that I think I know for sure and tag just for you. I think you showed interest in my yellow plants and cherry plants? I still have a flat that I think I know every thing that has come up, I have more flats planted but have not come up.

    I am working with a lot of old seeds and old and different potting soil, which I don't like to do, because a lot of them retain water differently, and I lose more plants with them.

    Kim, I need to plant some of my plants out in the garden, I need the shelf space even though the plants are too small and have not been hardened off. If I could count on this cloudy weather holding, I would be more at ease.

    I have a couple of stall mats that I may try to use to get my beets in the mood to germinate, I always have trouble getting beet to germinate as I want them to. I want to try planting them, and then dropping a stall mat down on top of them. The stall mat is heavy, and I am not sure I can bet it on, and off the beets with out messing up the ground, I think the mats weigh about 100 lbs, I may have to call neighbor for help.

  • 2 months ago

    I found an old bag of sweet potatoes that have made their own slips. I will put them out to make more next week. Larry I have never covered beet seed. Maybe soak in warm water before planting. I did that with okra one year and it sprouted in two days.

  • 2 months ago

    Kim, do you not put soil over the seeds? I plant turnips and other small seeds by making a shallow furrow in the soil and dropping the seeds and then watering, but I have never not covered beets, and I seldom have good luck with beets.

    This is a tool I made to make small furrows for small plants, I just drag it across the garden making small furrows on 6" centers, I can plant on 6, 12, or 18" centers, then flip it over and cover, or just water the seeds in, if you think that I can just drop the beet seeds on the surface, I want to try it.

  • 2 months ago

    Oh no Larry. I meant I don’t put a covering over them like I do with carrots. I do cover with soil.

  • 2 months ago

    Kim, this may be a good time to try some beets and carrots in containers, the onions I planted in containers seemed to do. If the ground is dry enough I will plant some beets and carrots today. I will drop some seeds in each of these containers, and drop a few in the garden.

    I just woke up. My daughters boyfriend came over and said "lets fix your tractor". so we went to The shop where he works, and he started working on the parts that we took with us, then brought them home and he installed them on the tractor. I am worn out, just watching someone work wears me out.

    Don't pay any attention to my grown up lawn, I am trying to leave everything that is blooming alone, and try to keep the bees happy, and stay away from young people, they will work you to death, just watching them. I am going to bed.

  • 2 months ago

    Those look great Larry.

  • 2 months ago

    Kim, just take a look at these. I am trying to teach my kids and grand kids that things may not always be as good as we had it, and to try to find something that is very hardy and will produce from year to year. I have been growing these onions for years, I even took some to the neighbors to grow. The neighbors are dead and gone for years, and as far as I know the onions are still there. These onions were planted last fall, and with almost no care, look how well they look. I did not have the heart to till them, so I plan on harvesting them and putting them in the freezer to cook with. They can be a little tough or strong at certain time of the year. I just give them a little corner of my world and let them go, they will be there if I ever need them.

    You can see that this is not a good place to grow anything, this is out in the pasture, this area was not used for a garden area till last fall, with no amending at all. These onions look, and if I leav them there they will look good next year, just more of them.

  • 2 months ago

    Larry, I'm trying to remember what I'm interested in. LOL. I'm so tired.

    I know there was a gold cherry tomato that is similar to SunGold. I'm interested in that. And another yellow one too, that you mentioned.

    And sweet potatoes.

    I need a red cherry tomato.

    That's all I remember.

  • 2 months ago

    Jennifer, I don't remember what all I have, but I think you showed an interest in Sunsugar, Dwarf Sweet Sue, I think that I have planted some Large Cherry, and you seemed to be interested in Yellow tomatoes, I have planted Lemon Boy, and Golden Jubilee. I don't know if they all have come up yet, or , if they will. A lot of this stuff is old seed, and some are hybrid, many I have never grown. I have some 36 count cells and Solo cups, those will be the largest containers I have, other than some odds and ends, and I am not sure how large the tomato plants will be by May 4, but I expect to have plants to share.

  • 2 months ago

    I think we have about seven weeks to the spring fling. I planted chocolate cherry snow white and large red cherry. I also planet Arnica cumin purple Pak Choi eucalyptus mountain mint and rose out.

  • 2 months ago