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March Week 4. Marching right along

2 months ago

Just a quick update.

It's cold out there!

Rick covered our potatoes tonight. That was a hard job in the wind and mud. We moved all his tomatoes and peppers from the hoop house into the insulated shop.

The tray of basil and Saint John's Wort is looking good. I started this seed in a different way so was uncertain of how it would do. All varieties are coming up.

My tomato plants look sickly. I fed them tonight and will try to get some fish emulsion on them too in the next few days. This has only happened one other time a couple of years ago, and the plants ended up being just fine once planted.

What are y'all up to?

Oh, and I have lots of chamomile coming up in the garden if anyone wants a plant. I can bring it to the SF.

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