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February 2019, Week 4.....Here Comes March!

Somehow we've almost made it through the slowest, most boring month of the year. I don't understand how a month with only 28 days in it can drag on forever but February 2019 certainly has. I'm relieved we've made it almost to the end of the month and will be welcoming March by this coming weekend. When I think of February 2019, I'll remember it for the constant gray clouds, drizzle, rain, cold, mud, cold, rain, mud, cold, gray clouds, fog, etc. This seems like the foggiest month we've had in ages.

The sun is shining today. Yay. It still is cold but at least we have sunshine and blue skies instead of another gray, drizzly, foggy, cold day.

We are expecting sunshine at least today and tomorrow, and then it looks like the weather will revert back to gray, cloudy, drizzly, etc. I'm longing got a little warmth.

My plan for this week involves carrying the tomato plants outside for maybe an hour a day for a few days, just to get them some real sunshine.. I hope to have them in the greenhouse to stay by mid-March. We'll see, because I don't like running a heater out there, so the nights would need to be staying warm enough inside the greenhouse to keep them happy. Usually by mid-March in an average year, the greenhouse is staying above freezing at night even if the outdoor temperature still is dropping below freezing.

If yesterday was a taste of what we can expect from March winds, then I'm not ready for that either, but we'll get what we get. March usually roars in like a lion here and cranks up fire danger. We could live without that---it has been a nice winter fire season so far and I'd hate for the wind to start ruining that for us.

The rosemary is deliriously happy and is blooming its head off in the garden, so at least something in the garden looks happy. Everything else just looks tired of winter, and I understand how those plants feel. I'm tired of winter too.

I might look at plants in the local stores today to see what they have. I've been too busy to even think about that the last couple of weeks. The kids/grandkids are now completely moved out of their rental and they and all their stuff are here. I know they feel discombobulated by the changes, but close on the new house this week and they plan to start painting it on the days they aren't working, so I really don't think they'll be here for more than 2 or 3 weeks. It depends on how long it takes to get the painting done while also working and living their normal lives too. I love having them here. So far, we've all been so busy running in opposite directions that we're all together, really, only for dinner and then the rest of the evening. It is nice to spend that time together.

I might plant brassicas and greens in the ground this week. I still haven't ordered onions yet. I wonder if they sell onions that can swim through mud? Swamp onions? I may just cancel most of my onion planting plans and grab one bundle of whatever I find in the local stores and call it good. I really think it isn't going to be a good onion year in our garden because of the perepetually wet soil. Our soil remains 100% saturated with any new rain that falls just sitting in puddles on the surface of the ground, so it seems foolish to invest too much time or money in root crops at this point. This isn't how I want it to be, but we have to work with the weather we've got.....

What's everybody up to this week? I hope the sun is shining everywhere today. We deserve some sunshine.


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