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Struggling to find an engineered wood that works in my space

2 years ago
last modified: 2 years ago

Hi all! Need some flooring color/shade advice:

We are planning to replace our travertine tile in our main level with a light, elegant wood to brighten up our space. The area includes our entry, kitchen, dinette and family room. We are trying not to replace the existing wood floor in our formal living and dining rooms (dark wood in the pictures). A few things to note on other changes happening:

1) Kitchen countertops will be replaced with Vadara Statuario Venato Nuovo (

2) Cabinets will be painted blue on the lowers with white uppers and a white pantry wall

3) The standalone counter will be moved against a wall so the space will be more open.

4) We can paint the walls if needed to coordinate with the flooring

5) The space has a lot of windows, but they are North-facing with an overhang outside, so we get almost no direct sun in the main living space..

What is the ideal color/tone we should be going for? We prefer white oaks with low variation and character (trying to avoid rustic/farmhouse) to blend in with existing style. Visually we have been drawn to white oaks with a light yellow tone to it, but I don't know if that will look too washed out. Here are some products we have looked at, but I am struggling to see what will work in such a large, open area. Any help on what tone/undertone and shade I should be looking for would be greatly appreciated!

Flooring we have like so far (but still uncertain on) Hoping to stay under $9 sq/ft

D&M -Royal Oak French Vanilla (too dark?):

California Classics - Malta (too washed out?):

Karastan - Ashmore-Ecru (To new of a product and pricey):

Anderson Tuftex White Gold (Pricey and have not seen in person yet):

Pics attached. The staircase is directly in front of the entry door to give you a perspective...


Entry with formal living room (step down room)

Kitchen connected to Dining

Lower cabinets will be painted blue, uppers and pantry wall will be white.

Main area, counter in the back will be moved against a wall

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