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Hot Humid Weather and the Roses look it 2020. Update 2021

prairiemoon2 z6b MA
2 years ago
last modified: last year

I just took some photos of some of the issues I'm having with our roses this year. They did well early in the season, right through to the end of June. Then July and August came and it was all downhill from there. I am limited to the time I can spend out there in 90 degree temps with oppressive humidity, so they have been neglected. I also was running the sprinkler on the bed, which I don't think helped. I have more foliage problems than usual this year.

I planned on adding a second application of Alfalfa Meal and Compost before the 2nd flush of bloom, but I never got to it. So they seem to look like they have not been fertilized enough and the foliage was watered with tap water on hot humid mornings. And we had more pests than usual. Some made a mess of buds, a few more Asian and Japanese beetles than usual.

Also I am looking at the shape of the bushes and I thought I had them pruned correctly to start the season, but right now, I'm not liking the way they have grown. 'Beverly' shot up in the middle persuading me that maybe she wanted to be a climber. And all the buds grouped at the top with a bloom in the middle that you can't see. I love the blooms on 'Savannah' but the shrub so far is not the greatest shrub. Not bushy, not graceful.

'Julia Child' usually is my best performer and this year is my worst. I think a big part of that is my fault. I didn't leave the center open enough when I pruned and there were some volunteers that came up too close to the shrub and I just let them grow and they got tall and close and cut off her air circulation.

My best looking rose right now, is surprisingly 'Pope John Paul'. It has the best shape and the foliage is healthier than the others. In the spring I was having some pest issues, but they seem to have resolved.

Here are a few photos...I'm hoping someone can figure out what is wrong with the foliage and what I might do to prune them back. I just want them to be clean and I need them lower going into winter and I'd like to do that soon, so they still have time to settle. I'm not expecting more bloom. I just want to do what will give them the best head start for next season and be low enough to not be shooting 8ft up through a snow bank next winter. Is it too late to add compost or alfalfa meal or is that a bad idea. Fish Emulsion?

This is the bottom of 'Pope John Paul' after I already cleaned it up some. The leaves I removed looked similar to that one that I missed.

Here is the bottom of 'Beverly' I have a plant near it that grew into a huge mass, so again, I think the air circulation was not what it should be and it's not open in the middle. Plus I watered the foliage.

Here is the top of 'Beverly'. Not exactly the growth and shape I was hoping for.

'Savannah' - something has eated the bud and the foliage looks anemic.

Here is the unhealthy leaves on the bottom of 'Savannah'

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