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Recommendations for a mass impact rose

We recently cut down a big tree at the front of the driveway which freed up a lot (about 13 x 9 ft) that gets plenty of sun throughout the day, ideal for roses.

I would like to plant a hedge of roses there for mass color (only one variety). It is at the front so I would love it if it can be spotted from further away.

I am thinking about plating 3-4 Easy Does it since it has been doing really well in a pot.

But I am also inclined towards a bubble-gum/cool pink color for that romantic effect.

Based on the parameters below, what would you recommend?

1. Excellent bloomer, great bush coverage, larger bloom with nice form (no Knock-Outs).

2. Stronger color (bubble pink romantic effect or sunset orange which will probably be Easy Does It, if I go the orange route).

3. Resistant to disease, especially black spot.

4. Continuous bloom.

5. Fragrance would be nice but not necessary. The visual is more important.

In other words, tall order.

If no superior option in pink emerges, I might decide for EDI after all.

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