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White floor FEAR!! Should I be afraid? Modern kitchen!

3 years ago

We are remodeling our entire kitchen and so it is time to replae the funky brown marble floor(hides dirt too well) this flooring is in kitchen and walkway- there then is oak wood on both sides of this walkway from front door leading to the back of the in all the areas like the living room, dining room, salon etc.. we would like to put a white shiny large as possible porcelain tile with minimal grout showing- (AZ tile has super large one...)

We recently put in a white beautiful modern tile porcelain pool decking - we would like to have the inside-outside tie together with the bifold doors that we are putting in(opening wall from the kitchen/living room to pool..we would love to match it the outside or something close ,,it is white with some gray tones.. I've always wanted pure white porcelain but what about the messes?

I worry about the dirt! I have 3 kids, although they are older now around 11, we may get a dog, too, however my designer things we are fine with just having a Roomba robot vacuum...what do you think? What about smudges and things? Wet feet from pool making marks/mud? Or would you go for it? Anyone have it? or know someone with white shiny plain tile? How is maintenance? Not bad or run from it? Thank you!!

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