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Seeking advice on tile backsplash for a small kitchen

3 years ago

I’m hoping to get advice on a few questions about a tile backsplash for my small kitchen.

1) Should I do a tile backsplash at all? We may try to sell the house in a couple years. I thought tile might look the kitchen look better, but then maybe a different pain color in the whole kitchen would do just as well.

2) If I tile, go dark or light? It’s a small kitchen so lighter is usually better. But I’m trying to lighten the granite and also pick a color that will make the cabinets and granite go together better.

3) If I tile, I wanted to take the granite backsplash off. But I’m not sure if there’s a sensible way to do this because then I’d have to remove the splash from the sides too (wrap around the chimney and next to the window.) And I don’t know if that will look weird.

Appreciate any ideas.

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