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Affordable backsplash advice? Small Kitchen Remodel

5 years ago

Hi all, we started a kitchen remodel and seek advice on backsplashes.

Dilemna - what might look best as a backsplash that's also pretty affordable on labor (we are in a very high cost metro)? Contractor was adding 2K for tile backsplash in kitchen generally. The sink wall is most noticeable when you enter the kitchen (a separate room) from living room.

Sink wall has a skylight above sink. We do need something behind slide in range for splatters.

Aesthetic: modern contemporary but fits 1940s small house. We both like seafoam green like a glass tile OR sheets of carrera marble look.


1) Designer hubby proposing we paint sink wall, and

a) in more saturated tone paint wall from counter to 18 inches up. your views? I think it looks a bit busy. Then can do either a backsplash

b) just over sink or

c) a band on sink wall running 18 inches from top of counter to bottom of lower shelf (which lines up to the space between upper and lower cabinets.)

-Fridge wall we can just have paint between cabinets.

-Oven wall I want backsplash behind slide in range, at least to hood bottom, possible behind the chimney style vent.

Cabinets-white shaker

Appliances; stainless steel, still sourcing

Counter: a light grey quartz

hubby really wants open shelving (I disagree in earthquake country but concede this.)

from photos, all the old cabinets removed. The pantry will be 1 tall piece. the cabinets on sink call replaced with open wood shelves.

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