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Granite Backsplash with Tile BS or just Tile Backsplash???

11 years ago

We are having the template made for our granite countertops within the week. I haven't starting looking at tile yet, but I think maybe tumbled marble with some beachy accent tiles or maybe some blue seaglass tiles would be nice. I wanted to wait until the granite is in to decide on the backsplash, but if I am going to have the 4" BS in granite, I need to decide that before the templating is done, right?

I originally told the granite yard that I don't want a granite backsplash, but now I am wondering if I should have the granite go up 3 or 4" and then have the tiles above that??? Which would be less "busy"....having just tiles or tiles and granite backsplash? Our kitchen is a small galley kitchen, and it will be open (visible) from much of the rest of the condo. Are there pros and cons of having it one way instead of another?

I wonder how much extra they would charge to add the granite backsplash after all... What have your experiences taught you? I'm assuming it would be less expensive not to have both, but which do you think would look better? The cabinets will be off-white and the

granite is Kashmir White...gray-silver-blueish with cream (not quite as blue as it looks in this photo, though) What do you see looking best with the granite? :

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