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Help with Open Concept Layout!

3 years ago

Please help! We just moved into our first home (very exciting!) and need some help with the open layout.

The first pictures are of how the sellers arranged their furniture. As you can see, they have a sectional with the TV above the fireplace and the dining area near the entryway and 3 windows. While this arrangement looked nice, my husband and I do not want to put our tv that high above the fireplace as we would strain our necks and be very uncomfortable.

So, we’ve tried MANY different layouts. As you can see, we have a light gray sofa and a dark grey settee. We have tried to put the tv along the long wall to the left of the fireplace and put the light grey sofa across from TV with the settee facing the fireplace. I hated it because the fireplace was in the way and when I moved the sofa far enough back so it would not cut into the lines of the fireplace, the living area felt too long and boxy. The dining area was in the same place as where the sellers had it. Not ideal for our family, but not horrible.

So, we tried putting the TV in the corner (angled) to the left of the 3 windows on the other side of the Great Room (in the area where the sellers had the dining area) with the light gray sofa facing the windows (I would probably place the settee somewhere else and get chairs for the living space) and then put the dining table centered in front of the fireplace. It was beautiful, felt so open and I loved it. BUT...the TV is at an angle and felt uncomfortable to watch on the sofa.

So, the current pics that I am sharing are my husband’s idea. Love him dearly, however I do not think this is the best arrangement lol. But, hopefully it will help you get an idea of our layout and the furniture we have.

We need help! We love this home and want it to flow, feel comfortable, and look beautiful. What are your ideas? Is there anyway to make my favorite arrangement work so it is comfortable to watch tv? Or any other ideas that we haven’t thought of?

We just please excuse the little messes that we still have as we are getting settled in and organized. Thank you so much in advance! Additional photos of our current furniture and layout are in the first comment below.

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