Rancho Gordo shout out!!! Royal Corona beans thank you.This ti

last year

I'm not sure who it was that first posted Royal Corona beans from Rancho Gordo.. but thank you so very much.

It was a photo of a tasty dish of these glorious beans. And Rancho Gordo was the supplier for my bean goodness.

I got a pound in the winter... and then languished for more while folks were buying RG out! I got on the email list for when RC's were back and stock... glad I did. I put in my order just a few days ago.. it came in today. And heck if the RG site is already sold out again on the things.

After my last great order of many beans, some interesting herbs, and a now beloved pineapple vinegar.. I was very happy to get RC's again, if only for a brief time.

Looking forward to months to come as other very tasty goodies from RC become available :)

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