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Any advice on counter tops? Quartzite vs marble.....

3 years ago

I'm renovating a condo and I love real marble, but I have been strongly warned not to use it in a kitchen. I have had Calacatta marble in my bathroom for almost 7 years and it's still perfect, but bathroom counters don't get the same wear and tear as kitchen counters do. I have looked at Taj Mahal and Mont Blanc quartzites but my heart belongs to marble. Are there any foolproof sealers that would make it safe to install Calacatta Gold or Cremo Delecato marble in the kitchen? I'm a widow, and I don't do much cooking anymore so the counters won't suffer from a lot of wear and tear, but I use them daily, nonetheless. Aesthetics are important to me but I don't want to be foolhardy and spend a fortune on the counters only to have them messed up with etching and stains in short order.

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