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Advice needed from marble countertop wannabe owners…quartzite? help!

9 years ago

We are renovating a small kitchen (15x9) and it is a traditional style with beaded inset custom white cabinetry, peninsula, oak satin floors, covered wooden hood, paneled dishwasher, polished nickel pulls with crystal knobs…french door to deck

I LOVE honed marble (and in general the gray tones that go with a white marble kitchen) but with twin 4 years olds (who will eat at the peninsula) I don't think this can be an option (maybe I could live with some etching if it was honed but not the scratches etc)…I am very clean and tidy (ok maybe type A) but at the same time with 2 small children, 2 dogs and a husband I'm pretty preoccupied/busy and I know that things will easily slip and I could miss cleaning up stains immediately

I thought I had found a solution in quartzite i.e. the superwhites, wicked whites but going to look at slabs on the weekend I could see that they scratch quite easily and in fact do so because they aren't true quartzite but more like marble - I got the speel from the fabricator there… I feel completely deflated

Is quartzite so hard to maintain? Are there any out there that look like the superwhite but are true quartzites i.e. hard to scratch… what is your experience? I am on the fence about quartz and the 'marble lookalikes' because I really love the beauty of real stone…. My other thought is a honed black granite - how easy is it to maintain? does it etch/stain easily? Ho hum :( Your thoughts and experience is very much appreciated (I'm sure there have been many before in my same shoes)

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