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MS Edge Update causing issues

3 years ago
last modified: 3 years ago

Yesterday the two computers in my house updated to the 2020-05 Microsoft Edge Update Windows 10 vs. 1909 (KB4559309) and also (KB4497165) and the biggest issue is that my homepage that I've had for years is no longer secure or private. I think the issue is with KB4559309, something about the certification from the website not being safe (it's my internet provider's page).

I contacted my IP asking them if they are having problems with certification, but they said 'no', and that it is a Windows issue, not theirs. I changed the homepage in settings to https (which it was already (shrugs))

and it still isn't safe. Anyone else having this problem? I successfully restored one computer to an earlier date (before the update) but the restore isn't working with my laptop. I'm not sure if you need any more information, but let me know. Just wait it out? Thanks.

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