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Laundry Room Wall Cabinets - Size & Number?

2 years ago

I only have 89" width available for wall cabinets on one wall above washer, dryer, and hot water heater in my long, narrow basement laundry room. The cabinet above the electric hot water heater in the corner will need to be shorter than regular laundry cabinets; for example, short like a kitchen cabinet above a wall mount microwave. Any suggestions on best widths to use, since the cabinet(s) above the water heater must be 27-30" wide? Is it worth it to have clothes hanging space in the middle above the washer and dryer? Is it worth it to enclose the water heater in a closet to avoid the short cabinet problem?

Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Currently, this space has 19" deep home made cabinets with slowly warping shelves. I think new, white cabinets will be a good investment, even though I will need to redo the ceiling due to the depth difference.

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