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Location of dish drawer relative to dishwasher. Help! :)

Sarah R
3 years ago

Hi all, you have been so helpful so I have another question. I have never stored dishes in drawers but love the idea and will do so in our new kitchen. My question is how close should dish drawer be to DW? Is immediately next to it ideal (would you stand in front to unload?) or is it better to have a little space in between to stand? Here are two options— the wide stack of drawers will be for dishes. The smaller stack (will be converted to a stack of drawers in either plan), will have cloth/paper napkins/overflow. Maybe kids’ plates. To the left is the kitchen table. I feel like it looks a little better to have the wide stack closest to the table so it’s underneath the uppers of similar width but don’t want to regret removing it over if it’s more convenient to have it right next to DW (but I’ve never had a drawer for dishes so maybe that isn’t most convenient and better to have space between the DW to stand!). Let me know what you think! Thank you!!

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