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Very Narrow Options for Potential Laundry in Old Tiny City Apartment

Katelyn Newell
4 years ago
last modified: 4 years ago

Hey Houzz Community!

Looking for some advice about potentially adding a laundry unit to my rental apartment. When I signed my lease about a year ago my landlord mentioned she wanted to try and find a way to add a washer/dryer to my 2nd floor 1 bedroom apartment. I was obviously thrilled at the idea, but didn't know anything about plumbing/electrical things to even begin to determine where would make the most sense.

Option 1: Kitchen

My kitchen is long and somewhat narrow. All the appliances and counter space lines one wall of the room (aka stove, counter, sink, then fridge). My landlord suggested trying to fit a refrigerator and a washing machine in a space that is 31" wide (essentially where the current fridge is and the space left before you hit the wall), which I have a really hard time picturing. I would be willing to give up having a standard sized fridge in order to get laundry in the apartment, but I don't know if you can even stack a fridge on top of a front loading combo (washer and drying-in one) machine? Not sure how else you could make that work.

I have also seen people put combo machines under kitchen counters, but I don't know how much of a hassle removing the cabinets I have and if the counter can even stand alone without them?

Option 2: Linen Closet

My bathroom has a deep, narrow linen closet that exists right beside the shower (tub style). When I say narrow, it is 24 1/4" wide and that's probably generous. It is about 35" deep and over 80" tall. I've done a bit of research and seen people saying that you need to have room for the machines to move and for the hook ups for water/gas as well as room for the machines to vent.

I've found stacked machines that are 23" wide, would that fit? Is it possible?

Thanks for your advice in advance!

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