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Update Win7 to Win10

3 years ago

I have an old desktop computer running Win7 pro. My understanding is that Win7 won't be supported in 2020. This machine is an I5 3.2 GHz 64 bit machine with 8 GB memory that would seem capable of easily running Win10 so I would like to upgrade it. I also have a newer laptop that was initially a Win8.1 machine that was essentially automatically upgraded to Win10 with Microsoft's free and easy online upgrade. I had initially assumed that I would need to buy some upgrade from Microsoft but I couldn't even tell if that would allow a seamless update not requiring reloading of programs etc like the win8 to win 10 of my laptop.

However, then I saw online that some people have been able to still upgrade win7 machines to win 10 through some loophole in Microsoft's upgrade system. It seemed a little confusing;. has anyone done this and was it difficult? Otherwise, how easy or expensive is the regular upgrade?

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