Off to Lunch with the Sisters


My sister and sister-in-law and I try to get together for lunch midpoint between SIL's house and mine about every other month or so. SIL originally asked to start the tradition a few years ago when she was over whelmed with all her elder care duties and needed a more positive, optimistic experience. So we don't dwell on health, and my sister and I enjoy regaling SIL with all the stories of our brother's childhood deeds and mishaps. The menfolk have gotten jealous of our gatherings and often meet themselves with any sons available also in tow. When my daughter is in town, we try to schedule a Girls' lunch to include her. A very nice tradition we have going here.

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It is a very nice tradition. Enjoy each other while you can. We never know what the next day for may hold for us. Have a lovely afternoon together today.

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That sounds lovely! I thought from the title that you were going to lunch with nuns...:-)

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A very lovely tradition to enjoy. It must be fun to recall all the fun stories about your brother and very meaningful for your SIL to hear them from you and your sis.

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I think it's nice of you too.

My two aunts (mother's sisters) and I have lunch once a month. We take turns choosing the restaurant. They are 84 and 82 respectively, so I enjoy the lunches together while we can.

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Sounds like a very lovely day. Enjoy!

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So glad you and your sisters get to do this. It sounds like a wonderful time.

Three of my sisters and I get together about once a month. I truly appreciate the company.

My SILs all live too far away to see them very often. We drive out to see the ones living or visiting in Canada still when we can. We lost 2 SILs too soon. :(.

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I just spent yesterday with my 2 sisters and our Aunt. (Our mother's sister, she is the last living sibling out of 7. She will be 82 in November.)

I love that you get to do this. Love that the guys do it also.

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I have five sisters, three of them live in the same town as me. I have a sisters weekend every year with all of us together at the lake house in Maine. It's more than wonderful, I know how you feel.

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