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Firefox update question

3 years ago

We generally use Firefox on both of our computers and like it. We recently updated it and got a couple of strange things that happened.

The first is that on both of our computers (I use Windows 10 and she uses Windows 8) our default search engine was changed to Google from Duckduck-Go. The second is that on the Settings page, under Search, at the top of the page is a blue information notice that says "Your browser is being managed by your organization." What organization? We are retired and at home, and aren't savvy enough to have a real LAN set up, but we do share an internet connection via a wireless router. (We did set our default search back to Duckduck-Go.) Otherwise, except for a few temporary issues we had on her machine everything is fine. The temporary issues involved font size and bookmarks.

Thanks for any help.

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