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August 2019, Week 3

At least we're more than half-way through this long, hot month. There must be some comfort in knowing that.

August chores for week 3 remain largely the same as for week 2: first and foremost, hydration is very important for the gardener, all the little creatures, and the plants.

Basic garden chores like watering, deadheading and harvesting can be achieved early or late in the day while avoiding the worst heat in the middle of the day. Remember to plant your fall garden plants, following OSU recommendations, in order to stay on track and get a harvest before the weather turns too cold.

If you have bare spots in your flower borders and need to plant something to fill those holes, many big box stores should have standard hot-weather flowers in stock: zinnias, marigolds, celosias, maybe copper plants and alternanthera, etc. It is about time to plant fall-planted bulbs for flowers for next year.

If your plants look lackluster, they may need to be fertilized. This is especially true of plants growing in containers where nutrients leach out of the soil-less mix due to constant watering in this heat. Or, possibly the plants really need to go on vacation to someplace where it is 30 degrees cooler.

If your area is very dry and your ground is cracking, you may need to add more mulch to planting beds to help keep their soil cooler.

What is everyone going to do this week? My goal is to weed or deadhead blossoms each day for a little while early in the day and then to flee indoors. It isn't much of a goal, but it is the next one I can come up with in mid-August. Honestly, after seeing that big timber rattler in the driveway yesterday, I'd be perfectly content to stay indoors most of the time.


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