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Flowers from Tuesday and Wednesday

3 years ago

Here is the ffo on High Water Mark. It's blooming on Laura's Michigan time.

Carolina Pale Face is especially pretty on rebloom. The flowers are larger, and the scapes taller.

I know I've shown this seedling before, but It's always so pretty and begs to be photographed.

August Frost x Winter's Angel - I think it will be a late bloomer like August Frost.

Dance Again is still dancing. It's never lived up to it's name with rebloom. With all the rain, maybe it will this year.

Men in Black is almost finished reblooming.

Lady Betty Fretz, another good Petit reblooming

Unity Consciousness and Sun Temple Spirit

This is today's last flower on the original scapes of Seminole Wind. This old Stamile daylily started blooming on May 27, so the clump bloomed for 7.5 weeks. It likely will be my longest bloomer.

I thought August Frost had dethroned Mississippi Magistrate as bud king, but MM either did some bud building or had some very small buds on the side I didn't see. Now it has 29 buds, and it will be blooming for another week or so.


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