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Neighbor's air conditioner makes a loud humming sound

Duane Barry
3 years ago

I’ve lived in a Chicago apartment since last August and an air conditioner for the apartment building next door makes a powerful, irritating low-pitch humming sound that comes right into my apartment. It is impossible to tune out this noise and it has disrupted my sleep and made my home life miserable. I can certainly hear the other two compressors for the same building but that noise doesn’t bother me. There’s just something about this particular low-pitch vibration that it resonates through everything. Fortunately, June has been rainy and chilly and the neighbors haven’t run the A/C often but come July it will be on every day. Does anyone know what might cause such an irritating hum and whether it could be fixed without replacing the compressor? Isolation pads, perhaps. I haven’t knocked on the neighbors’ door yet because they are renters and won’t do anything but I might be able to convince the building’s owner to take action if I offered to pay for the repair, and I would pay because the humming sound is so irritating, I’ve considered taking a sledge hammer to the thing. Has anyone else heard an A/C unit make such a noise? I appreciate any suggestions.

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