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Help with lofted bedroom

Stephanie D
4 years ago

We are redoing our master bedroom in our urban rowhome (1910's wardman style home). Several decades ago, the owner at the time took out part of the ceiling which is where the attic was, exposing the dormer windows and creating a loft about the bed area. There is a fixed ladder in the bedroom for access to the loft. The loft has very low ceilings so that no one can stand up straight. It's currently used as storage but we plan to fix it up and make it into a reading nook with chairs and low bookcases.

My design dilemma is for the bedroom area, below the loft. On one wall is a closet and the bed is opposite. The room has never felt "right," partly because of the loft. I want to blend in the ceilings by painting them the same color as the walls (Revere Pewter). I want to take out the closet wall and install built-in wardrobe. I am considering adding trim matching the built in wardrobes on the opposite wall where the bed is. I can't really find pictures of other spaces similar to ours since it is so unique. The bedroom area under the loft most closely resembles this room, however: .

The loft extends about three quarters of the way through the room, over our bed.

I need help trying to make this space feel more intentional - hiding the low ceiling above the bed (would simply painting the ceilings the same color help them blend), and also how to design the space in general. I was originally thinking of doing wallpaper on the bedroom wall, but I think this would make the low ceiling above the bed really stick out. I was thinking of adding a wall paneling treatment (picture frame molding or wainscoting of some sort, matching the doors on the built-in wardrobes) may be a good option. Would love ideas/input/advice!

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