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Want to help me choose accessories for blank slate bedroom(s)?

14 years ago

Thank you to everyone for all your help with my living and dining room. I'm not 100% complete yet, but I'm feeling so much better about the space. I dug out our family pictures, and that actually made all the difference in the world. It's amazing how it takes an impartial observer to notice the little things about someones space.

Anyway... now that the downstairs is in such good shape, I need to work on our guest rooms. We have two, but they literally have a mattress and box spring sitting on the floor with a dresser thrown in for good measure. I want to make these into cozy spaces for the guests I hope will visit us in droves, keeping in mind that I'm still a huge fan a simple living and decorating. Anyway, here is what I have so far...

A few notes.

1. Like I said, both of the rooms have dressers in them, but they don't match anything, so they can be swapped or removed.

2. My goal is to go very neutral in the rooms with the furniture and bedding and then accessorize with color in artwork, lamps, throw pillows and blankets, window treatments, etc.

Bedroom #1 (Warning! These pictures are not for the faint of heart. LOL!)

And here is the floorplan

Or an alternate layout

I just ordered the following furniture for this room

I'm thinking this bedding


and then using red and dark brown accents (bedside lamp, artwork, throw pillows for the bed and window treatements). I love this picture...

Bedroom #2

This room is a bit larger, but has a lot of doors, so the furniture placement is a challenge. We also have a king sized mattress for this room. Some of you might recognize it from the paint color, which I'm not convinced doesn't need to be redone, but intially, I was going to try to use orange as an accent color in here.

Here is the floorplan

And here is the bed I just purchased.

And this is the bedding I'm thinking of (in Linen)

I was thinking something like this for accent pillows and maybe lamps. I also like this artwork. I still need a bedside table.



So, what do you all think? I'm open to absolutely anything at this point. Moving furniture. Color ideas. Accessories. Window treatments. Anything.

If you've made it this far in my post, you deserve a super big star! Thank you! Jaymie

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